Keeping Man Interested – 6 Ways to Deepen Your Connection with Your Man

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Keeping Man InterestedWe know you are going to want to hang on to him if you’ve finally caught your crush’s eye. However keeping man interested and getting him interested are 2 completely different things.

We’ve come up with a few simple strategies to help ensure that you keep your latest catch on the line.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your new guy stays for the long haul.

Keeping Man Interested – Be Interested in What He Loves

When keeping man interested, one of the best things you can do is take an active interest in what he is into. The trick to doing this is to choose something you can truly see yourself doing. For example if you are afraid of heights and he is into rock climbing, you may want to go another direction. My point is to tell him that trying new things is something you are willing to do, especially his hobbies.

Whether it’s watching obscure black and white French films, surfing, hiking or golf, do it. If there is something he does that you will also enjoy, you will both bond over the process and the enjoying time together is something that will cause him to come back for more.

Keeping Man Interested – Highlight Your Talents

When keeping man interested, don’t be afraid to show off your skills whether you know how to catch and throw like a professional baseball player, take amazing photos or cook faster than the Iron Chef, this is something you need to emphasize. Guys will be more intrigued by you if you stand out from the pack due to something you are good at. These skills also boost your confidence which is one trait that guys will be attracted to.

Now there is no need to be extremely boastful but you need to ensure that you inform him of what you can do.

Keeping Man Interested – Cultivate Your Sense of Humor

To keep a guy interested, being able to laugh with him and being able to make a guy laugh are important ingredients. He will be likely to stick around if you can make him smile with your sassy sarcasm, deadpan delivery or clever wit. In this way, laughter can be a quite a bonding experience.

Plus, people who have a great sense of humor tend to take themselves not-too-seriously, which just adds to your appeal. Making him smile will result in him wanting to keep coming back so don’t be afraid to show your funny side.

Keeping Man Interested – Being A Source of Support

Some surveys suggest that a sense of nurturing and caring was the 2nd most important trait for guys when deciding whether a girl is great relationship material. Of course, you don’t have to mother him, do his grocery or begin to organize his socks drawer. However, when he needs someone to vent to, it is important to support him.

This will let him know that you are there for him and want to be a bigger part of his life.

Keeping Man Interested – Working On Your Appearance

Let’s face it; some guys think that as long as it does not have holes, you can wear it everywhere. However, we do love feeling like you put in some effort. You don’t have to wear complete makeup on a daily basis but if you are already answering the door in dirty socks and sweats on the fourth date, you might want to think about your methods of how you are keeping man interested.

We understand that looks are not everything and although there is no need for stilettos and cocktail dresses, you should opt for something pulled together and polished.

Keeping Man Interested – Have Other Activities

Another aspect of keeping man interested is having your own hobbies and interests. Doing your own thing means you won’t be clingy and want to hang out twenty-four-seven. It also means you won’t be dependent on him instantly. Also, you will have more stuff to talk about when you do see each other.

It may seem like a good idea to shower attention on a guy you like but when it is too soon, being too available is a turn-off and can make you seem on the verge of desperation. One financial planner mentioned that he won’t date a girl who does not have outside interests.  He adds, “Women who are passionate about something is something I find truly cool.”

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