Rushing to Get Your Ex Back – 4 Reasons To Stop You Looking Like a Fool

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Get Your Ex Back “Fools Rush In,” goes the song by Rock-n-Roll king Elvis Presley and he said it best. No doubt about it, you love your ex, and you can’t just turn off the way you feel just because she said it is over.  On the other hand if you go all gung-ho and rush right back into the relationship, begging for a second chance, you may be pushing her into getting a restraining order to keep you at a safe distance. If you are serious about how to get your ex back permanently, then this is the last thing you really want to happen.

Aside from this, did you know that there are other reasons you should not rush to get your ex back the way you did before? Here are my own few personal favorites:

  • For one thing, when your girl decides that it’s over between you, this gives you a great opportunity to think of effective strategies. You may not be updated on the latest ‘ get your ex back ’ strategy. However, this does not mean that you should not take a bit of time brushing up your techniques. You might even be shocked to learn that when you have a ‘get your girl back’ strategy, this improves the chance of success you have with getting her back.
  • When you wait a bit before you rush back into a relationship with you ex, this gives you time to think of all the possible options you have. It goes without saying that you do not have to get her back. If you decide that she is worth the effort, you might even realize that the change needs to be done on your end of the stick. After all, how much have been getting from this partnership? Are you getting as much from it as you have been putting into it? If this is not the case, what kinds of change are you planning to make?
  • This time allows you to get a bit of a break from feeling so much pain. At the moment when you are truly going through a broken heart, the pain is pretty much all you can focus on. You want an end to all the pain. Since breaking up is what resulted in the pain, the remedy would be to get her back, right? Not really. You may feel some temporary relieve but it is always better to put some time and distance between you so that you can decide if she really is worth getting back or if the better path for you is moving on
  • You know that saying about hearts growing fonder with absence? Well, it’s true. In order for her to appreciate how much you brought to your partnership, maybe a little absence is what she needs. Perhaps she needs this opportunity to get over the anger and hurt in order to begin remembering the slightly quirky, funny and fun things you did together that made her feel loved by you and brought a smile to her face.

It is not a good idea to beg for a second chance as you float around in a blur of pain. It is not good for your image or your self-esteem. More than anything else, this won’t really melt her heart the way you hoped it would. Rather, relax, sit back and begin to re-group. Next, allow us to help you in coming up with a sure-fire way of having her eat out of the palm of your hand before she realizes what hit her.

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