What Women Find Attractive: The Top 25 Attractive Qualities.

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Have You Always Wondered What Women Find Attractive In Men.

Here Are The Top 25 Features Of What Women Find Attractive The Most.

What Women Find Attractive1. What Women Find Attractive – Handsome, Healthy Eyes

Other than being your soul’s windows, the eyes truly are a good indication of your general state of health and well-being. Translated, this will mean that healthy, clear eyes are attractive to women who are searching for a soul mate or a mate. Making sure your eyes are clear and bright will go a long way in the dating game. The eyes are the 1 characteristic that are listed often as the feature that ranks number one in what women find attractive.

2. What Women Find Attractive – Confidence

For a woman, an attitude that is confident will mean that she will be able to trust you with taking charge of your life. Confidence gives the impression that you are relaxed, which is quite appealing to a woman. Having confidence in yourself portrays that you like yourself which will as a result draw others around you and make you quite likable to everybody.

3. What Women Find Attractive – Posture

When it comes to what women find attractive, one component which is crucial and which women automatically use to gauge whether or not you are appealing and whether you have self-assurance and confidence or not is posture. This also lets women make a determination whether you are or are not potentially a healthy mate. Immediately after a woman sees you across a room for the very 1st time, a judgment like this takes place. Make sure your gestures are confident and relaxed as the way you move also says many things regarding who you are. Lean back when sitting, show your confidence, walk with a purpose and stand tall when there are women in the vicinity.

4. What Women Find Attractive – Being a Man’s Man

Masculinity in a guy is what women are looking for and what women find attractive. A guy who takes part in masculine activities and men who are unafraid of playing sports, hitting the gym or getting dirty is something women like immensely. The feminine gender also likes men who smell like men and a masculine, deep voice. It is recommended that you don’t go overboard and show up at the party with no deodorant and drenched in sweat. However, the natural smell of a guy and a little bit of perspiration is, on a basic level, quite attractive to women.

5. What Women Find Attractive – Being Independent

The song “I don’t want no SCRUBS” became a hit for a reason. No woman wants to have a man who is incapable of taking care of himself. Being self-sufficient and independent indicates that you can take care of both her and yourself.

6. What Women Find Attractive – Composure and Courage

Showing alertness and courage in an emergency as well as staying cool in situations that are tough is totally what women find attractive, especially if you begin to be in charge of the circumstance. This shows a woman that you are brave and capable, and more than able to provide them with protection from danger.

7. What Women Find Attractive – A Bit of Dominance and a Lot of Leadership

Again, women love guys who handle circumstances. Leadership means taking the situation in your hands and making decision. Women like guys who show a bit of dominance and who have qualities such as these. It is not attractive to be overly possessive and controlling but portraying your naturally dominant aspects when it is appropriate for the circumstance is exceedingly attractive to a woman.

8. What Women Find Attractive – Presence and Physical Fitness

Muscles and strength are what women find attractive in a huge way, even if you don’t look like a bodybuilder. A healthy physique, a nice butt and nice abs shows women that you know how to take care of your physical body and are a potentially good choice when selecting a mate. Besides thinking that muscles are ‘hot,’ women tend to feel safer around men who are strong. It helps to have height since this reinforces the feeling of security and comfort. You won’t be able to do anything about the fact that you are short and can balance this out by producing secure, comfortable feelings in women through other methods.

9. What Women Find Attractive – A Sense of Humor and Wit

Having wit indicates intelligence. Thus, showing how witty you are kills two birds with one stone. It entertains and amuses, while at the same time lets a woman know that you are intelligent. Aside from being witty, being funny and having a sense of humor will cause everyone around you to be more comfortable, thus making women more attracted to you as you entertain and amuse them.

10. What Women Find Attractive – A Wonderful Smile

If you want to know what women find attractive, you will go far with women if you have a smile which is genuine. If it is a bit cocky or even mysterious, it will give the impression of confidence and arouse curiosity, which will increase your attractiveness immensely.

11. What Women Find Attractive – An Attractive, Nice Face

Men with faces that are attractive automatically draw women to them. A face which is good-looking will get her attention and keep you in her thoughts a long time after the 2 of you have parted for the day. This includes clean, clear skin and good teeth. Get your teeth issues fixed if you have them. Particularly when thoughts of kissing you enter their heads, women will inevitably notice your teeth. If your skin is out of control and you just can’t get it clear and clean, do not be afraid to get a facial and consult a dermatologist. The importance of skin which is healthy cannot be emphasized enough and you need to do what you have to do to make this a reality. This is part of what women find attractive.

12. What Women Find Attractive – Being Well Dressed and a Sense of Style

Clothes do make a man and a great set of clothing is important to attract women. Shirts that are not baggy and fit well, shoes that are stylish and in fashion as well as maintained well will considerably cause your attractiveness to increase. The reason that a woman loves a guy in a suit is because the tailored fitting emphasizes the man’s physique and is also an indication of social status. Of course, you don’t need to wear a suit to the club but you do need to realize the importance of well-fitted clothes. To increase your appeal much more, you can add a couple of accessories that are unique which will arouse curiosity and show that you are confident. The right watch or necklace can begin conversation s if they are interesting enough for a woman to inquire about.

13. What Women Find Attractive – Spontaneity and a Sense of Adventure

Women love guys who test their limits and are intrigued by those who are not afraid of going out of their comfort levels. Emphasizing your adventurous, risk-taking sides will result in women being happy to follow your leadership and get away from her levels of comfort as well. A lot of spontaneity will heighten excitement, which is a big portion of what women find attractive.

14. What Women Find Attractive – Drive and Discipline

Women love a guy who is actively going after what he knows he wants out of life. Show that you have what it takes to achieve your goals and exhibit determination that is focused will make you attractive to women in a big way. When you are disciplined, others will see that you are in control of your life, competent and have will power.

15. What Women Find Attractive – An Attitude that is Carefree

Not taking life too seriously is a quality women like in men. Guys who are able to enjoy what they are experiencing in the moment and who can laugh at things are always going to get the girl.

16. What Women Find Attractive – Being Good with Kids and Animals

Those television commercials where guys are walking puppies or holding babies are good advertising. When it comes to what women find attractive, women love guys who are great with animals and kids, which shows them that you could be a great dad someday.

17. What Women Find Attractive – A Sense of Excitement and a Positive Life Outlook

People are more attractive in general when they have a great outlook on life.  This is especially true when they find life exciting and tend to live each moment to its fullest. Women love this energy and guys who have these qualities tend to be successful when it comes to women and have fun in the process.

18. What Women Find Attractive – Basic Grooming

Women don’t really like seeing dandruff in your hair, dirty fingernails and slob habits in general. Good hair and nails that are manicured shows that you care about how you look and that you take care of yourself. Getting a tan might also be a good idea since this indicates high social status and also tends to make you look healthier.

19. What Women Find Attractive – Attending to the Details

When it comes to what women find attractive, attending to the details shows you are interested in her and are absolutely paying attention. Noticing when she gets her nails done or when she does her hair in a different way is important. She probably did all of this to look better for you, and your noticing this makes you more attractive to her. Attending to details in your own life will show her that you will be able to attend to details in your lives as a possible future couple.

20. What Women Find Attractive – Teasing and Being Playful

Women love guys who are attentive to them and are fun to be around. Partaking in light teasing and being playful will make you more memorable, attractive and remind her how fun it is to be around you. Remember, when it comes to what women find attractive, jokes at her expense are a no-no.

21. What Women Find Attractive – Being Intelligent

There are many ways to demonstrate intelligence, including an impressive degree, a good career and good grades, or just knowing about a lot of different subjects. Guys who are intelligent can talk about many different subjects and can converse even with topics they may not be familiar with.

22. What Women Find Attractive – Being Genuine and Being Yourself

Guys who put on a facade or those who are just pretending are usually quite obvious to women. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say is important. Don’t try and pretend to be anyone else or hide who you really are. Be yourself and keep in mind that you need to keep on practicing self-improvement in the process.

23. What Women Find Attractive – Genuine Connection and Interest

When it comes to selecting a mate, and other aspects of what women find attractive, feeling a real connection is important to women. Showing that you want to find out about her and that you are truly interested will put you ahead of every other guy in terms of connecting. Really getting what each other means and being in tune is another part of connecting. If you can speak to her inner self and bypassing her defenses and walls, she will feel extremely connected to you.

24. What Women Find Attractive – Being Honest

Being honest is on the same level as being genuine. This quality can be the deciding factor with whether you get the girl or not. Telling the truth all the time will let her know what values you uphold. It also tells her that she can expect you to be honest in the future when it is time for her to decide on a mate.

25. What Women Find Attractive – Being Modest

With confidence being so important, many guys forget about how attractive and important modesty is. No one likes hanging out with a braggart who loves just talking about himself. No one likes a ‘know it all.’ Although women love men who are accomplished, showing off is just immature, in their book. It is better to find out some great stuff you did in the past from other people. This will make her feel that there are still some stuff you can experience and explore as a couple in the future, which is a big part of what women find attractive.

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